Monday, October 1, 2012

Fall Action

Greetings Coffee Party Cincinnati! 
At our last meeting, It was decided that we would focus on actions to promote an amendment to the constitution that would allow Citizens United to be overturned. We will approach this in multiple ways, on multiple levels.
Action 1, Stamp Stampede: Move to Amend ( has rubber stamps that can be purchased and used to stamp a message on cash (yes, it's legal). We will simply take a stamp to Findlay Market or other busy public places and offer to stamp paper money with a message that supports overturning Citizens United. Along with stamping money, we will distribute a one-pager that summarizes that problem and urges citizens to write to city council and ask them to pass a resolution for the City of Cincinnati that states corporations are not people and money is not speech.
When: Every weekend in October
Where: Findlay Market
What (we need from you): Outgoing people to engage others and offer to stamp their cash for an hour or two at a time, somewhere in the market. If we get enough volunteers we can go to other public places.
Why: This is a fun, easy approach. We aren't asking anyone to sign anything or support a candidate. it will give us an opportunity to talk to people about the issue, and urge them to contact city council at the same time. Write to if you are interested in volunteering
Action 2, Central Parkway performance art: We will be making large signs that form a sentence a few words at a time (a al Burmashave:  Shaving brushes / You'll soon see 'em / On the shelf / In some / Museum / Burma-Shave). But our signs will spell out a message (in draft) about citizens united.
When: TBD
Where: Central Parkway, downtown Cincinnati (grassy median).
What (we need from you): Energetic volunteers to act crazy and draw attention to the signs. We will also need help obtaining materials, and creating the signs.
Why: Again, a fun easy approach that gets the message across in a memorable way. Write to if you are interested in volunteering!
Action 3: Call campaign to State legislators. We are simply phoning them up and asking them to give us a their opinion about Citizens United. We could use some help with this if anyone is interested in making calls--on your own time--and reporting back to us with their answers. We can provide you with contact information, and a short list of questions.
Thanks, Cincinnati. And, as always, we are interested in getting out the vote! We urge all of you to join local voter registration efforts. And, look for our voter's guide for the November 2012 election coming out next month!
Keep the caffeine buzz going!
Sheli DeLaney, organizer
Coffee Party Cincinanti

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