Thursday, June 14, 2012

Resolve to overturn ‘Citizens United’ is spreading through the States so take action now!

Hey Coffee Party Cincinnati,

It's time for action!!!

This is resolution week where people across the nation are contacting their representatives and asking them to pass a resolution in support of amending the constitution to say that “corporations aren’t people” and “money isn’t speech”. Join Move to Amend and take action now! The Supreme Court will have a chance to reconsider their Citizens United decision today.

Since the launch of this effort at the beginning of March, more than 100 resolutions have passed nationwide and a majority of the Connecticut state legislature signed onto a letter calling for an amendment. In the coming weeks, we are hopeful that California, Massachusetts and New York will also make progress on resolutions. Help Move to Amend Cincinnati put our city on the map.

• 200 - Local resolutions that have passed calling for a constitutional amendment

• 100+ - Members of Congress who back a constitutional amendment

• 1 - Current U.S. president who has voiced support for a constitutional amendment (President Barack Obama)

• 6 - State legislatures that have stated their support of a constitutional amendment

• 20 - Additional state legislatures that have introduced resolutions

• 23 - State attorneys general who took a position in support of Montana regulating corporate money in elections as its case comes before the Supreme Court

Contact your representatives on council and ask them to pass Move to Amend’s model resolution. Cal them, write them and go visit them whenever you can together we can put Cincinnati on the map as being a leading progressive city that opposes Citizens United. Lets save our democracy!!! , 513-352-5210 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              513-352-5210      end_of_the_skype_highlighting  
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